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In one of classes at four state vocational high school Yogyakarta, the situation is crowded since the students will do the sport lesson.

Farah   : Dilla, today is very hot and I feel thirsty now. Would you like to give your water please?

Dilla     : Okay, here you are. Sorry Farah, why don’t you bring your own bottle?

Farah   : Come on Dilla! I am a rich student. My parents have much money. No need to bring drinking bottle from home, I could buy in the canteen. Besides that, my bag is heavy, full of school stuffs. Just waste my energy. LOL.

Dilla     : Really? Sounds funny. You don’t want to bring your own drinking bottle, but you always ask mine. Sorry Farah. Let me say something to you. It doesn’t talk about rich or poor. But it talks about how to save our money and to reduce plastic. If we bring drinking bottle from home, we can save our money. We can refill it with the water provided by school, such as near room one, and it’s free, gratis! ^^

Farah   : If you don’t want to give your water, then don’t give it. No need to hear your speech.

Dilla     : Farah, my cute friend. I just want to inform you how to save money and reduce plastic, especially in our school area. Please consider my information once again.

Farah   : Ehmm okay, let me think about it. The next day…

Farah   : Dilla, look at my drinking bottle, it is cute isn’t it?

Dilla     : Wow, it’s very cute. It is not as heavy as you think, isn’t it?

Farah   : Of course not. Please show me the place to refill it later, at the break time, okay?

Dilla     : Absolutely, will show you later.

Farah   : Thanks a bunch Dilla, my sweetest friend.

Dilla     : Anytime Farah J

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